Whether you're looking for adjustments, a sports massage, cupping therapy, stretching, or physical therapy - we've got your back!


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What our patients say

I’ve been coming to Dr. Lianna for over a year now and highly recommend! I had a hard time finding someone who could do both the chiropractic and muscle work combination really well until I came to ChiroFit.

Whether you need adjustments, muscle work/stem, cupping, etc. Lianna will tailor the service to your specific needs!

Lindsey C.

I won’t go anywhere else. She is amazing 🙌🏼

Amity B.

More than just a chiropractor! Always fixes all aspects of my body, not just spinal. Super reliable and easy to get ahold of!

I work in a gym with chiropractors in the building but I send all my clients to Dr. Morrow because I trust her to take care of all musculoskeletal needs

Robin M.

Best chiropractor! Helped with my shoulder pain.

Brandon R.



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