Meet the Doctor

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I'm Dr. Lianna Morrow, a Doctor of Chiropractic, and owner-operator of ChiroFit Gym in Eagan, MN.

ChiroFit Gym combines the two things I’m most passionate about: Chiropractic and fitness. Growing up I was extremely athletic and super competitive. My involvement in sports inspired my passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I loved competing in sports, but I found an even greater love for training to become stronger and faster.

After I was done playing sports competitively (I played collegiate soccer at Minnesota State) I got into bodybuilding and powerlifting. Being involved in these two sports is where I acquired an abundance of knowledge on exercise, diet, nutrition, proper lifting mechanics, and muscle building techniques.

Now, I am able to spread my knowledge and help other people achieve their health goals. My mission is to get people to "move more" and to "move more efficiently." I've helped runners, strongman competitors, pregnant moms, dancers, rugby players, hockey players, children and infants, powerlifters, bodybuilders...a wide variety of people and cases! Being a former competitive athlete, I understand the tremendous amount of stress athletes are putting on their bodies. My job is to get them out of pain in the quickest amount of time possible and train their bodies to move more efficiently so they can stay pain free.  
My motto is to BE MORE and DO MORE. I never want to be complacent, I always strive to be better. This is the same attitude I want my clients to have, always working to become a better version of themselves.