Chiropractic Care After An Auto Accident

car accident whiplash injury

At some point in your life there is a pretty good chance you'll be involved in an auto accident. Even if it's a minor accident, damage can be caused to your neck and spine. If these injuries are left untreated they can impact your health and wellness for years. Here are a few reasons why it’s very important to see a chiropractor after an automobile accident.


Whiplash is often caused by rear-end accidents when a sudden, jolting movement of the head is forced backward, forward, or to the side.  The spine becomes unstable due to the damage of the muscles and ligaments, and can cause severe pain.  It can also lead to headaches, dizziness, fatigue, shoulder pain, arm pain, neck stiffness, and even low back pain. The tricky thing about car accidents is you may not feel these injuries right away. It can take hours or even days before you feel the full extent of the damage that may have been caused.

Restore Motion

Your body’s response to this type of injury is to produce inflammation. Some inflammation helps to promote healing, but too much can make the injury worse. One of the inflammatory responses is a reduction in the range of motion of the injured joint, which can disrupt the healing process by limiting blood supply and essential nutrients to the muscles and ligaments. 

Chiropractic treatment for injuries caused by auto accidents aims to mobilize the joints in your spine to promote healing, reduce pain, and improve range of motion. 

Reduction of Scar Tissue

Another inflammatory response your body has to an injury in your neck and spine is caused by micro-tears in the tissue. When these micro-tears heal they create scar tissue. If scar tissue forms on a muscle in your neck or back, it can make it difficult to stretch and mobilize those muscles. If they aren’t stretched out and treated properly, it can lead to problems with mobility down the road. When your chiropractor performs an adjustment they will focus on specific areas to help break up scar tissue that will help with the healing process as well as your mobility after you’re healed.

No matter the severity of the automobile accident, it’s very important to see a chiropractor as soon as you can in order to ensure you're on the right road to healing and recovery!

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